15th - 18th June 2023.

Journey into the interior land of Portugal to spend a weekend remembering what makes you feel alive. Together we'll find our muse, our inspiration, our renewed sense of awe between the movement and the stillness. Immerse yourself in the rituals and practices which cultivate an appreciation of beauty- whether horse riding, yoga, sound meditations or dance- pottery, sketching or savouring the tastes of local food cooked with love.                         




Escape the city as it gets that lil too hot and crowded for a healing celebration of the longest days of the year. 

You’ll curate your own retreat. Choose to start your day with meditation, sketching, saluting the sun or quiet reflection- through the day enjoy sweaty workouts, create masterpieces, learn new skills and make new connections. Come night time you’ll dine and dance or hit the hay early. 

The benefits of practising healing modalities, as well as idily enjoying foods made with love, resting and contemplating life within nature - are inherently felt and scientifically known - let us bathe in them together. 


90 hectares of untouched, soothing landscape


Our home for the weekend is located East. Join us down a long dirt road between Estremoz and the Spanish border, where we will pitch tents, gather teachers, healers and artists to move, create and replenish in nearly 90 hectares of untouched, soothing landscape. 

A mindfully maintained farmhouse and working stables with its pool, frogs and resident storks will be the setting for the weekend’s events. Luxurious living spaces, shaded snoozing spots and terracotta olive oil pots are scattered throughout. Whether comfy poolside lounging or taking yourself off for a stroll to the nearby lakes we encourage you to switch off your phone and bathe in the sounds, sights and smells of this unique location.  

The intimate festival vibrations mean tipis are available for you to carry out your siestas and beauty sleep. Or rent an entire cottage for you and your friends. Double beds for those wanting to snuggle or indulge in extra space to rest. Finally splurge on an all out fabulous apartment, think private jacuzzi, sweeping views and everything to make you feel truly relaxed on your retreat.


learn, evolve, move and connect.


Baraza is city centre based - rewilding our platform in the countryside allows for us to continue to learn, evolve, move and connect - but within the natural world. 

Each location is chosen with the goal to integrate ourselves somewhere largely untouched and stimulating - which offers the opportunity to engage with the people, place, flora and fauna. 

We gather teams of teachers, practitioners, chefs and artists to help us to remember what is never really forgotten- we belong outside surrounded by bird song, we need to eat what is seasonal and fresh, we are intuitively so much more connected to life, our surroundings and each other than urban life sometimes allows. 


Fresh, fragrante y de vez en cuando un poco decadente. The Argentinian chef Ezequiel Bressia will be in control of the fire and feasts for the Solstice Edition. 

Passionate about cooking in the wilderness, crafting kitchens from clay and sourcing seasonal ingredients -he’ll feed us all kinds of fruits and vegetables : crunchy, vibrant, raw or cooked in wild and wonderful ways. Warm midsummer night’s dreams made memorable by asados and flame roasted local produce. 

Expect bountiful brunches, picnic style, served on sharing platters and lots of eating with your hands. Dinners will be relaxed, elemental affairs, the freshest food cooked over flames - Ezequiel encouraging us to embrace the easy Alentejo way of life with a fiery Argentinian flare.  


Deep rural Alentejo will provide the stage for the wide range of practices where we’ll celebrate the midsummer magic. Classes, workshops and immersions - talks, shows and spontaneous gatherings will run over different locations from sunrise to sunset. 

Ruby Morris Alex du Toit | Juliana Schmuke | Maria Eilersen Myrthe van Gameren Kate Goh | Lisboa Social Press | Becky Hicks | Raquel Martos | Dom Viera Ezequiel Bressia | Jardin Collective


4 Days INCLUSIVE of your practices & workshops, food & drinks and accommodation.


Monforte, Portugal

June 15 - 18 2023| 3 nights






Ruby & Alex

BARAZA founders - Ruby Morris and Alex DuToit are passionate about providing unforgettable experiences. Our retreats, whether escaping to provide mini festivals in tipis, crossing borders to the mountains and secret locations or celebrating the seasons in truly remote parts of our adopted home  - we always aim to surprise and delight. Run away with us for a long weekend of connection, food, fresh air and adventure. 


Past Retreats & Testimonials

Harald Weishuber

Truly an amazing experience. You have enchanted us with every part of location, food, yoga & workshops, music, cosmetics, drinks, that you organised around the whole weekend. Dancing in the morning with you was one of my highlights. I do that every morning now. Apart from that, I am still amazed how well we all connected with each other and I am very grateful for having met so many lovely people! Anytime again!

Harald Weishuber
Liron Katz

This retreat was one the best experiences I have ever had! Everything was perfect! The food, the people, the location, the pool, the classes, my roommate, literally everything! Looking forward to the next one, coming all the way from Israel if I have to.’

Liron Katz
Amanda Wallace

For me it all boiled down to the details.  Everything was well thought out and executed, all while feeling completely effortless (at least on my end).  The balance of practice and social was quite nice and I really appreciated the effort that went into making every meal and gathering feel unique and memorable.  The ambiance was always on point, and I loved how they transformed each meal be it décor, location, atmosphere, or even seating (assigned, milling about, seated around a table, etc.). The food was incredible and never ceased to leave me wanting to consume more than I possibly could. 

The practices themselves were perfectly balanced between effort and ease, physical and spiritual. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and wove the long weekend’s theme seamlessly throughout the various classes and workshops.  

Thank you to everyone involved in this lovely experience and to the new friends I made along the way! 

Amanda Wallace
Sophia Keijzer

Baraza Escapes are pure magic! In every way one can think of, from the location, yoga, workshops, teachers, food, music to like minded and lovely people. 

The attention of detail and effort that goes into these weekends are simply incredible and it’s obvious a lot of love has been put into the organisation of and during the weekend.

This was my second Baraza retreat and I am already looking forward to the next one! I am grateful to share these beautiful experiences with such amazing groups - I wonder what surprises you will have for us next time ;)

Sophia Keijzer